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And, you know, the exciting thing for me is that I always felt like Bedelia Du Maurier was the smartest person on the show and that she will remain in that position. - Bryan Fuller

What is it that you don't like about GoT? It just intrigues me too see a person who dislikes it, I love it so much I've decided to read the books, and thats a really big thing for me 'cause I've read about 5 books in my 18 years of life :P and all my friends no matter how different their tastes love it, I've never met a person who's watched it and not liked it :)


First, let me start off by saying that I don’t think Game of Thrones doesn’t deserve to be successful. I can see why it’s very popular and I think it’s mostly well-deserved. The cast is great, so are the costumes, decorations, details and special effects. It’s very obvious that the cast and the crew alike put a lot of effort in that show and I respect that. (Honestly, if nothing else, GoT provides a lot of gifing opportunities for actual ASOIAF stuff.)

And I know that the show is not the books. No adaptation I’ve ever seen is as good as the books, this is not a GoT-exclusive thing. The books are always going to be better because they have the opportunity to show us the background stories and monologues that we can’t get from the shows or films.

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you can preach about slut-shaming all you want, but you can’t deny there’s something very wrong with 13 and 14-year old girls going out in skirts and dresses so short they barely cover their asses and shirts with necklines so low they show off cleave they haven’t got yet, drinking and even smoking and hooking up with guys before they even have a substantial knowledge of how sex and sexual relationships work.


Okay… I wasn’t going to say anything but then somebody had to agree with this horse shit. 

First things first, usually the purpose of people calling out slut-shaming is to point out that we shouldn’t consider any safe, consensual, sex between adults as bad, taboo, shameful, or degrading. Some consider the “between adults” as redundant because “consensual” inherently means “old enough to make that choice themselves.” So someone “preaching about slut-shaming” is by no means encouraging or condoning this second phenomenon you have such a problem with.

Now THAT problem comes from a completely different place. Honestly, comparing an adult dressing, acting, and fucking the way he or she wants to with the sexualization of young girls is absolutely ridiculous. As an adult, with a developed personality and critical thinking brain, you can look at the incredibly mixed signals about sexuality in your culture and decide how you will fight them, live with them, ignore them, whatever. But as a child, you’re not ready for that. Even as a pre-teen, you’re not ready for that. So when advertisements show young girls as sexual beings, when Halloween costumes shorten the skirts and glorify Humbert Humbert’s (a pedophile by any standard) image of Lolita, the twisted idea of young girls being sexually attractive becomes confused with her sexuality. They are different things. A young girls sexuality is about discovery, sure, just pick up a copy of The Secret Garden. But that discovery happens privately, away from they eyes of men because grown men should not find them attractive. Ever. So when you’re eager to judge those girls on what they are wearing, maybe ask yourself, what made them want to wear that? Could it be that they don’t yet process as well the bombardment of images like this: 

Or these:


The terrible sluts you are referring to are little girls. How about you not be judgmental about them and maybe consider that there are some fucked up things they have to sort through on a daily basis without many shining examples of how 13-18 is supposed to go. 




Holy shit

I can’t even begin to describe the brilliance of this segment. 



i’m screaming. she’s fucking awesome. anyone know where this can be found as an actual video?